5 Major Challenges for Administrators

And How to Overcome Them with Scholastic Magazines+

From staff shortages to learning recovery, it can feel like administrators have their work cut out for them this year. But after a century of serving education leaders like you, we know there’s no challenge you can’t overcome. That’s why we want to show you how Magazines+ can help you tackle five of the most pressing challenges facing administrators right now.

1. New Teachers? No problem.

If you’ve experienced staff shortages this year, you’ve likely had to hire teachers with little experience and few resources of their own. Magazines+ can help them build a repertoire of effective lessons and activities quickly with:

  • Easy-to-implement materials delivered all year long
  • Skills-based activities teachers can print and reproduce year after year!
  • Lesson plans with step-by-step instructions and lots of guidance

2. Accelerate Learning Recovery

Magazines+ is more than an engaging way to enrich your curriculum. Teachers can use our resources to build the analytical reading, writing, and thinking skills students need to recover skills and succeed on tests with:

  • Targeted skills sheets with question types found on standardized tests   
  • Short assessments to evaluate student comprehension  
  • Short texts that prepare students for the types of reading they’ll do on tests

3. Navigate Current Topics with Confidence

With unparalleled attention from legislators and parents on the content kids are exposed to, educators are understandably concerned about what resources they choose to bring into their schools. That’s why we provide texts and materials that are carefully crafted and vetted for the classroom. You can trust that any Scholastic magazine provides:

  • Fact-based and age-appropriate articles from experienced children’s writers
  • Activities that teach kids how to think, not what to think
  • Debates and articles that expose students to multiple perspectives

4. Support Student Well-Being in Any Content Area

To perform their best, students need to learn how to manage emotions, make good decisions, and navigate our world. Whether you call them life skills or social-emotional competencies, we can help you integrate them into academic instruction.

  • Build empathy with articles on children from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Develop life skills that students can apply now and throughout their lives.
  • Celebrate positivity with joyful articles about hope and resilience.

5. Work Towards Equity

Meeting the needs of all students, regardless of background or ability, is a top priority for most educators. But making it happen is the real challenge. Magazines+ is right there with you, doing the work to provide every student with the opportunities they need to succeed through: 

  • Authentic representations of children from diverse backgrounds
  • Powerful differentiation tools to support learners of all ability levels
  • Spanish translations and other English language learning materials to support multilingual learners*

*Only available with select titles

See the Evidence

A wealth of high-quality research shows that Magazines+ “are valuable tools for engaging students in literacy and enhancing opportunities for them to read with deep comprehension across disciplines and topics.”1

Download our research foundation paper >

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        1.  Scholastic Magazines+ Research Foundation (2019). Research and Validation, 14.